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Sun 17 October, 2021 - 


Imam al-Baqir (peace be upon him) said: “Revising knowledge for an hour is better than staying up the whole night in worship.” [Al-Ikhtisas]

Please view the documents below for books available to borrow.

For borrowing details and/or general enquiries, please contact Br. Raza Merchant on 0404 194 170 or merchantraza@gmail.com


Attachment Size
Ahlulbait.pdf 140.24 KB
Women.pdf 99.86 KB
Prophets.pdf 102.22 KB
Tawheed.pdf 110.87 KB
Quran.pdf 258.17 KB
Philosophy.pdf 150.76 KB
Miscellaneous.pdf 188.84 KB
Islamic_Laws_Jurisdiction.pdf 156.19 KB
Islamic_Knowledge.pdf 198.27 KB
Imamate.pdf 148.29 KB
History.pdf 228.07 KB
Hadith.pdf 169.67 KB
Ethics_Social_Affairs.pdf 191.13 KB
Debate_Comparative_Religion.pdf 191.99 KB
Amaal_Duas_and_Ziaraat.pdf 228.48 KB
Children_Books.pdf 212.13 KB

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