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Wed 19 January, 2022 - 15 Jamadi-us-Thani 1443

Prayers / Supplications

For a wide collection of du’as (prayers or supplications) for a range of situations, please see:


Shia Source Drive

Munajat e Shabaniya Invocation of the Month of Shaban
Munajat e Imam Ali Whispered Prayers of Imam Ali (AS)
Dua Mujeer Supplication of The Lenient Supporter
Dua Iftitah Supplication of The Opening
Dua Nudba Supplication of Lamentation
Dua Ahad Supplication of Allegiance to Imam Mahdi (AS)
Dua Faraj Supplication for the Return of Imam Mahdi (AS)
Dua Amaan Supplication of Protection
Hadith Al-Kisa Event of the Cloak
Dua Al-Jawshan Al-Kabeer Supplication of The Major Chain-Armour
Dua Tawassul Supplication of Seeking Advocacy
Dua Adeelah Supplication of Adeelah
Dua Yastasheer Supplication of Yastasheer
Dua Al-Mashlool Supplication of the Paralytic Man
Dua Al-Simaat Supplication of Simat
Dua Kumayl Supplication of Kumayl
Dua Al-Sabaah Imam Ali’s Supplication for the Morning

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