Fiqh Notes

Fiqh Notes

Lecture 1
  • Importance of Fiqh
  • Fundamentals of Islam
Lecture 2
  • Importance of Fiqh (Continued)
  • Conditions of following Fiqh

Lecture 3
  • History & Fiqh
  • Law of Ilzam

Lecture 4
  • Some Points on Laws of Inheritance
  • Rules of Permission

Lecture 5
  • More on rules of permission
  • Ijtehad & Taqleed

Lecture 6
  • More on the importance of Fiqh
  • Role of Istahlak in foods and drinks
  • Some common mistakes in Salat

Lecture 7
  • Importance of Hajj
  • When Hajj becomes Wajib
  • Conditions of attaining capability for Hajj

Lecture 8
  • Loan repayment and Hajj
  • Taking loan for Hajj or for other purposes
  • Khums & Zakat & Hajj
  • Undoing Capability For Hajj
  • Rules For Hajje-e-Niyabat

Lecture 9
  • Some Points on Laws of Inheritance
  • Rules of Permission

Lecture 10
  • Significance of Salat
  • Conditions for Validity of Salat
  • Importance of Mubah In Salat
  • Khums
  • Conditions for Person Receiving Sehm-e-Sadat

Lecture 11
  • More on Conditions for Person Receiving Sehm-e-Sadat
  • Conditions Of Character For Person Receiving Sehm-e-Sadat
  • Rules For Giving Sehm-e-Imam.
  • Items On Which Khums Become Wajib.

Lecture 12
  • Rules For Sending Sehm-e-Sadat
  • Rules For Calculating Khums
  • What If You Have Not Paid Khums Before?
  • Items Exempted From Khums.

Lecture 13
  • Items Exempted From Khums.

Lecture 14
  • Items On Which Khums Is Wajib Even When They Are Used.
  • Khums On Business Expenses.
  • Paying Khums In Cash Or In Kind.
  • Ownership Of Sehm-e-Sadat.

Lecture 15
  • When To Pay Khums.
  • Fixing A Date For Khums.
  • Paying Khums In Advance.
  • Extra Khums Paid By Mistake.
  • More On Israf (Extravagence)
  • Some Miscellaneous Rules.

Lecture 16
  • Paying Khums On Behalf Of Another Person
  • Law of Ilzam
  • Receiving Gift/Donation From A person Who Does Not Pay Khums
  • Khums and Partnership In Business.
  • Khums-Paid Items
  • Khums and Insurance
  • Khums on Superannuation (or Provident Fund)
  • Khums On Fixed Deposit
  • Khums on Loan.

Lecture 17
  • Taking Past Wajib Khums from Future Income
  • Paying Khums when you take a loan (principal)
  • Paying Khums on loan repayment instalments
  • Taking loan from a Kafir

Lecture 18
  • Review of Fiqh and Taqleed
  • Ruling of Ayatullah Seestani On Taqleed
  • Continuing Ijtihaad By A Mujtahid.
  • Taharat & Najasat.

Lecture 19
  • Role Of ‘URF’ In Fiqh
  • Examples Of Masail Based On URF
  • Examples Of Masail Not Based On URF
  • Mujtahids May Differ In Matter Of URF

Lecture 20
  • Role Of Witness In Sharia
  • Witness Requirement To Prove Najasat Or Taharat
  • Najasat Of A Kafir
  • Taharat/Najasat Of Meat And Animal Leather

Lecture 21
  • Role of Yaqeen and Itmenaan in Sharia
  • How to Prove Najasat and Taharat
  • Islamic Slaughtering of an Animal Whose Meat is Haram

Lecture 22
  • Taharat in Islam
  • Najasat
  • Haram Drinks And Alcohol

Lecture 23
  • Benefit of Ehtiyate Wajib
  • Halal meat and fish
  • Precautions in Najasat/Taharat and Halal/Haram

Lecture 24
  • Halal and Tahir things in Haram animals
  • Haram things in Halal animals
  • How a thing becomes Najis

Lecture 25
  • How to make a Najis thing Tahir (Mutahhiraat)
  • Role of Niyyat (intention) in Islam

Lecture 26
  • Kur and Kaleel water
  • Wajib and Mustahab in Salat
  • Makrooh acts during Salat

Lecture 27
  • Criteria for acceptance of Salat
  • Reciting Salat correctly
  • Wajib actions in Salat
  • Mustahab actions in Salat
  • Conditions before starting Salat
  • Direction towards Qiblah
  • Reciting Salat in an aeroplane

Lecture 28
  • Direction of Qiblah
  • Dress code for Salat
  • Situations of Najasat allowed during Salat

Lecture 29
  • Situations of Najasat allowed during Salat (continued)
  • Dress or place of Salat must not be Ghasbi (unlawful)

Lecture 30
  • Dress of Bad Fame
  • Makrooh (Undesirable) Dress During Salat
  • Times For Daily Salat
Lecture 31
  • Haram Fasts
  • Fasting On Yaumul Shak
  • Fasting Of A Traveller In Ramadan
  • Niyyat For Fasting.
Lecture 32
  • Persons Exempted From Fasting In Ramadan
  • Fasting For A Sick Person
  • Types Of Fasts In Islam
  • Things Which Make Fasting Invalid (Batil)
  • Kaffara (Penalty) For Not Fasting
Lecture 1

Thursday 20th April 2006

  • Doubts During Wajib Salat
  • Doubts Which Will Cause Salat To Become Void
  • Doubts Which Can Be Ignored Altogether
Lecture 2

Thursday 27th April 2006

  • What Is Doubt And Certainty
  • Doubts During Salat Which Require Action To Be Taken
  • Method Of Salatul Ihtiyat
  • Some Special Rules For Salatul Ihtiyat
Lecture 3

Thursday 4th May 2006

  • Sajda Sahv
  • Mistakes For Which Sajda Sahv Is Wajib
  • Mistakes For Which Sajda Sahv Is Mustahab
  • Method Of Sajda Sahv
  • Rules For Performing Sajda Sahv
Lecture 4

Thursday 11th May 2006

  • Salatul Jamaat
  • Importance Of Salatul Jamaat
  • Comparison Of Salat Offered Alone And Salatul Jamaat
Lecture 5

Thursday 18th May 2006

  • Conditions For Imam Of Salatul Jamaat
  • Arrangement Of Salatul Jamaat
  • Salatul Jamaat With Males And Females
Lecture 6

Thursday 25th May 2006

  • Rules For Actions And Recitations In Salatul Jamaat
  • Joining Salatul Jamaat By Late-Comers
Lecture 7

Thursday 8th June 2006

  • Some mistakes and their effect on Salatul Jamaat
  • Things which are makrooh in Salatul Jamaat
Lecture 8

Thursday 22nd June 2006

  • Qasr Salat
  • Conditions to be met for Qasr Salat
Lecture 9

Thursday 6th July 2006

  • Qasr Salat Miscellaneous rules
  • Option of Qasr or Full Salat in certain places
  • Travelling during The Holy Month of Ramadhan
Lecture 10

Thursday 20th July 2006

  • Qaza Salat
  • Rules for Qaza Salat of your own
  • Qaza Salat of father by the eldest son
  • Qaza Salat of a person offered by someone else
Lecture 11

Thursday 24th August 2006

  • Fasting (Sawm)
  • Things to refrain from during fasting
  • Qaza Salat of father by the eldest son
  • Makkruh or undesirable facts during fasting
Lecture 12

Thursday 7th September 2006

  • Mustahab Fasts in Islam.
  • Rules on Kaffara for not keeping Ramadan fasts.

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