How to become a Member

How to become a Member

Become a Member:

Only Family Memberships are available at this stage, please contact Panjtan Secretary for more details.

You are invited to become a member of the Panjtan Society of Victoria (PSV). Become a member in two easy ways:

Paper applictaion is completed in the following two easy steps.

Step1: Download PSV Membership Form into your computer, please click here

Step 2: Print both pages of the form, fill them out and submit either to the PSV Secretary or PSV Treasurer along with the appropriate membership fees as stipulated at the reverse side of the form.

Please click here to access the online membership form.

Completed Membership Form? What Happens Next

Action by PSV Management Committee:

On submission your form will go through a formal process of approval in PSV’s committee meeting. Upon completion of the processing, you will receive notification from the PSV Secretary.

Your action upon receiving notification:

Upon confirmation you will enjoy membership benefits and will abide by the PSV Constitution as a whole in its entirety.

For Membership Payment – Click here

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