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Sat 19 September, 2020 - 0 Safar 1442


Marifat e Imam atf' is a Melbourne-based gathering of young Muslims from diverse backgrounds, focused on raising our intellectual and awareness level in relation to the most relevant Principle of our ideology i.e. MAHDAVIAT or Islamic Escatology (Ilm ul Akhir uz Zaman).

Mahdaviat or Mahdiism is the concept of awaiting a savior in Islam. This concept of 'Awaiting a Savior' is common in all religions and beliefs today.

Muslims believe that Imam Mahdi (atf) (the Final Awaited savior) will return at the end of time. Muslim also believe Jesus(as) is a messiah and will return along with Imam Mahdi.

We have made the choice to free ourselves from the state of stalled & apologetic perceptions - and help take on the battle, through increased knowledge, Shed light over the dark shadows of ignorance.

We believe it is the duty of each Muslim to get to know the essence of Islam and the Global ideology of Mahdaviat, and its teachings. We hope to spread this knowledge to every truth seeking soul, in order to prepare the grounds for our Awaited Imam’s(AJ) promised return.

Our focus is to increase awareness of Mahdaviat through Visual Media, in order to initiate intellectual discourse based on authentic and progressive religious ideas.

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