Registration at Panjtan School

Registration at Panjtan School

  • PANJTAN SCHOOL 2015 ENROLLMENTIn the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    “Knowledge is the best heritage and good manners the finest adornment”
    (Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S)

    Dear Parent,

    Salamun Alaikum.

    Panjtan School Patron Maulana Syed Abul Qasim Rizvi and the Panjtan School Administration Team welcome you and your child/children for the Academic Year 2015 here at Panjtan School.
    Alhamdulliah last year has been an exciting one, and Inshallah we look forward to another productive and fruitful year ahead of us.

    You are kindly requested to note the following important points:

    The Panjtan School Enrollment will be Inshallah, on 1st February 2015 from 10:45 am to 1:15 pm at
    Panjtan Centre.
    21-23 Adelaide Street,
    St Albans,
    Vic 3021.

    The Panjtan School academic (teaching) session will begin from Sunday 8th February 2015.
    Panjtan School Timings will be as follows: Start at 10:45 am and End at 2:30 pm.
    Annual Fees for 2015 will be $130 for PSV members (as per list provided by PSV Treasurer) and $165 for Non-Members.
    Current Teachers of Panjtan School will receive a 10% discount on the total student fee payable.

    For further information please contact Panjtan School Principal, Br. Ahmed Reza Dawood on 0404041786.

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