Professional Facilitation Program

PSV has launched a Professional Facilitation Program (PFP) in order to assist new migrants, current PSV members and youth (who are completing their professional degrees) in job-seeking and career advancement.

It is not a Job Recruitment Program, rather PSV would like to use the talents of present professionals in the community who are already in the work force to guide and advise new job-seekers of the community. This will assist them in connecting with the right people and building a network with respect to their profession/educational background.

The theme is to expedite the process of bringing new job-seekers in the work force by sharing knowledge and experiences.

There are 2 categories in this Professional Facilitation Program:

A PFP Resource is a present professional in the community who is already in the work force and is able to guide and advise PSV Community Job Seekers.

PSV has already developed a database of Resources who have pledged consent to guide and advise new Job Seekers. This database is highly secure and all the Resource information is completely hidden.

PSV always looks forward to bringing more people on board. If you think you can guide and adviseJ ob Seekers in the PSV community in seeking a job and for their career advancement, please click here to become a PFP Resource.

A Job Seeker is a person who is looking for a professional job. He/she is either a new migrant, current PSV Member or a youth who is looking for a career break.

If you are seeking a job or need some guidance and advice in career advancement, please click here to register yourself and connect with people in your community relevant to your profession and/or educational background.

After registration, both the Resource and Job Seeker will become a part of the Panjtan PFP distribution list which is used by all Resources and Job Seekers to share available jobs and other relevant information. Note that this list is strictly moderated.

For any feedback or suggestions please email